Protecting against acetylene decomposition – the only designs world-wide with current BAM certification

The spontaneous decomposition of acetylene to elemental carbon and hydrogen is a severe explosion hazard. Decomposition arrestors are an essential protection, prescribed by various national laws and recommended by the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA), and the US Compressed Gases Association (CGA). As the pioneer of the dry flashback arrestor, >> WITT’s series of decomposition arrestors are the definitive protection, and are the only designs world-wide with current BAM certification.

Acetylene Cylinder filling

Designed to EN ISO 15615 and evidenced by BAM test report, the MGN series of decomposition arrestors feature non-return valve and flame arrestors in 1 or both directions, ready for installation onto the cylinder filling connection. They’re available with any necessary connection types, ready to use.

High pressure Acetylene

Designed and BAM-certified to EN ISO 15615, the HDS17 slam-shut valve features a pressure-sensitive valve that immediately cuts off the acetylene supply when decomposition occurs.

Acetylene up to 1.5 barg

Designed and BAM-certified to EN ISO 14114, the FN series of decomposition arrestors feature a large surface area flame arrestor and a temperature-sensitive cut-off valve to extinguish flashback in any direction.

And for the user

And of course, WITT’s full ranges of BAM-certified flashback arrestors per DIN EN ISO 5175-1 for acetylene applications, regulator and torch-mounted.

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