GCE Cutting and Welding Technologies (GCE CWT) is one of the global market leaders in gas welding, oxy-fuel cutting, brazing, and heating processes. These devices are widely used in areas such as construction, automotive, the transport sector, shipyard industries, offshore and several others. GCE CWT also provide a full range of gas pressure regulators, gas economizers, safety equipment and a comprehensive global range of torches specifically designed to meet international standards and local market requirements.

When it comes to GCE CWT products, safety is always a primary concern; GCE is fully committed to the elimination of all risks in its oxygen/fuel process as well as its internal production processes. Thus, GCE equipment is engineered with the highest possible focus on quality, meaning that all GCE CWT products are always manufactured within the quality management system ISO 9001 and in accordance with global standards as well as international regulations.

Industrial Sector
Medical Sector
High Purity
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