Cost-effective, reliable, proven: Seamless cut-in of back-up gas supply with WITT dome pressure regulators

The practical trials of a global gas company proved it: >> WITT dome regulators are the better alternative for seamless cut-in of additional gas source in safety-critical gas applications, as a complete back-up or simply for peak-shaving. The benefits: Major cost reduction due to low investment and maintenance costs, uninterrupted gas supply due to the seamless switching between the gas sources, and higher reliability through its simplicity. No pneumatics or electrics required.

Simply ingenious – never was the control of back-up gas supplies so straightforward

Absolutely seamlessly, the WITT dome regulator allows a back-up gas source (such as a cryogenic tank or cylinder bundle) to cut-in, if the primary source (such as a PSA/VASA or Membrane) fails or needs supplementing. Pressure transmitters and valves, electronic controls, power supply, pneumatics are no longer needed. The WITT pressure regulator is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use – unbeatably cost-effective and wonderfully uncomplicated.

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