Sinces 2002, InterSol has been the exclusive agent of WITT-GASETECHNIK GmbH & Co KG (WITT), which specializes in manufacturing high quality gas mixers and gas analyzers for blending and analyzing a wide range of gas mixtures. These gas mixtures are beneficially used for several industrial and medical applications such as metal cutting & welding, food packaging, beer dispensing & keg racking, thermal processing, laser cutting, and synthetic air, etc.

WITT also manufactures highly reliable gas safety devices in compliance with the ISO standard. Every piece of WITT safety devices is tested before delivery to customers. WITT gas safety devices include flashback arrestors, non-return valves, quick couples, safety valves, pressure regulators, gas filters, hose reels, etc. These devices are designed to use with oxygen and all fuel gases: LPG, hydrogen, acetylene, and natural gas.

Gas Mixers​
Gas Analyser​
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Pressure Regulators and Outlet Points​
Gas safety equipment​
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