Ambient Air Monitoring / Gas Warning Systems

Ambient air monitoring devices by WITT offer reliable protection against the danger of gases often used in the food industry, metalworking industry, chemical processing, and last but not least, waste management.

WITT offers stationary ambient air monitoring devices for toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen. The gas warning unit permanently controls the concentration of the respective gas in ambient air, and activates an acoustic and visual alarm when individually definable limits are exceeded. Simply effective.

The safety of your employees increases with WITT gas warning systems for ambient air monitoring: For instance, a concentration of 0.3 percent carbon dioxide in ambient air can be a health hazard. At five percent headache and dizziness may occur; eight percent and more lead to unconsciousness or even death.

Ambient Air Monitoring System RLA 100
Ambient Air Monitoring System RLA compact
Ambient Air Monitoring System RLA multichannel
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