Maximum performance, minimum size: Our small mixers

Be flexible and mix the gases you need when and where you need them. The easiest way to do this is with our small mixers: They are cost-effective, high performance and very reliable.

Our smallest: gas mixer MM-2K/-2G

Despite its very compact design of just 14 x 13 x 12 cm (HxWxD), the small mixer MM-2K/-2G delivers flow rates from 12 to 196 Nl/min. The desired 2-gas mixture is smoothly adjustable via a rotary knob with a % scale.

Cost-effective MM-Flex series

The small mixer MM-Flex is easy to install and just as easy to operate. It mixes in the flow range up to 216 Nl/min, and its accuracy stays constant even when the flowrate changes.

For direct cylinder connection: Mini mixer BM-2M

It could not be simpler: The BM-2M has all the components needed to directly create a gas mixture from two high pressure cylinders. The adjustment of the mixture proportions and flowrate is as smooth as can be. Available for flowrates up to 111 Nl/min or 142 Nl/min.

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